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Early Hype: Like Pioneers

001 - Early Hype: Like Pioneers


Formed from members of “Bound Stems” and “The Narrator” Like Pioneers played their first show in May and already have a full length record in the can.  You can hear a few tracks at their Facebook site and check out a video from their first live show right here.  “English Garden” is a great tune and I look forward to hearing the whole record.  They are a much more restrained band than Bound Stems, but it serves them well with this blissful pop.  No word on the official release of the record, but we will keep you posted.

Like Pioneers – Piecemeal

  1. Some People
  2. English Garden
  3. Gift from a Holiday
  4. Exit Row
  5. Crop Circles Plus Legs
  6. Polkadot
  7. Teakettles No. 1
  8. Ike
  9. Metal Oscar
  10. Crab Candy

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