Tim Kinsella, Cap’n Jazz Reunion, New Owls/Make Believe Project & More

joan of arc 01 - Tim Kinsella, Cap’n Jazz Reunion, New Owls/Make Believe Project & More

So the internet has been buzzing for the last 24 hours as different stories have been surfacing about JOA family tree bands.  Here is what I have hear up to this point (if only 1/3 of these rumors are true 2o10 will be an amazing year):

  • There is a new Friend/Enemy album that is done, just waiting to be mixed
  • There is a new Tim Kinsella, Victor Villarreal, Sam Zurick project called Motel Smell.  They are supposed to play the Joan of Arc “Don’t Mind Control” Variety Show

FRI. 1/22/10 (10:00pm; $10)

The Empty Bottle & Polyvinyl present ‘The Joan of Arc Don’t Mind Control Variety Show’ featuring

  • A Tundra
  • Disappears
  • Jeremy Boyle
  • Lites Alive
  • Matt Clark
  • Motel Smell
  • Owen
  • Pillars & Tongues
  • The Zoo Wheel
  • Tim Kinsella
  • Vacations

plus a special performance by Slick Conditions and other surprise special guests

  • A Cap’n Jazz reunion is in the works. Not writing new songs, just playing old ones.  A 10 date tour in the works!  If you haven’t heard of Cap’n Jazz start here – Link
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