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  • Sunday nights Mad Men season 3 finale was amazing.  Year after year this show continues to exceed my expectations by miles as well as be the deepest, best written show on television.  If you have not given this show a chance you need to start at season one now!
  • I gave several news shows a shot this season and needless to say they disappointed.  I was really hoping that  Community, Bored To Death, and The Cleveland Show would be better but they are simply bad.
  • Lucky for me Breaking Bad starts season 3 in March.
  • This game needs to be taken away from me… is way too addicting, this game was a little bit of a let down sequel.
  • The Prisoner (yes another AMC show) starts this coming Sunday, I will give it a shot but from the previews I am cautious.
  • The Venture Brothers season 4 has been pretty solid so far, glad to have it back.
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