Ghosts and Vodka Reunion already dead?

Sgl006 GnV precious blood Cover Art - Ghosts and Vodka Reunion already dead?

In a series of mysterious posts to their twitter account, we are left wondering if the Ghosts and Vodka reunion was DOA?  Then we got more news from their myspace page.

Here are the last three posts:

  • # Dead.about 13 hours ago from web
  • # Outlook is grim… I’ve got binoculars and can’t see shit up ahead.5:54 PM Oct 22nd from web
  • # No practice again… If we actually have a set together by the show it will be miraculous.9:54 AM Oct 17th from Twitterrific

From their myspace page:

We’re calling it a day.

It was worth a shot, but we have sort of felt like we’ve been pushing a boulder up a hill. We’ve all got a lot going on in our lives right now and it’s just gotten too difficult to pull it together. We aren’t ruling out the prospect of trying again in the future, but as of right now… this ship is sunk.

Thanks so much for the support and kind words while it lasted.

Please check out our other bands / artistic endeavors if you get the chance.”

Well that was fun while it lasted…………….

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