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Stones Throw Launch New “Oh No” record and Coffee!

10ba64eccf4e65a77eddee4a590d9d77 - Stones Throw Launch New “Oh No” record and Coffee!

10ba64eccf4e65a77eddee4a590d9d77 - Stones Throw Launch New “Oh No” record and Coffee!

To coincide with the ditial release of Oh No’s new record “Dr. No’s Ethiopium”, Stones Throw Records is also releasing their own coffee.

From Stones Throw:

This is a first for Stones Throw and almost certainly a first for a record label anywhere – a dual coffee and music release. We’ve been in touch with Intelligensia Coffee for a several months now (See: Yes, We Like Coffee, Apr. ’09) and ideas for a music/coffee project have been discussed since the beginning. The release of Oh No’s Ethiopium album presented the opportunity we couldn’t pass up.

Stones Throw’s Ethiopium Coffee is only available here. We will be taking orders up til Fri., Oct. 2nd, and on the following Monday freshly roasted coffee will be sent to all orders. Below is info about the coffee with photos from the farm, and tasting notes (the coffee equivalent of a record review).

Varietal: indigenous, typical sub-type

Region: Yirgacheffe, Sidama

Altitude: 1700 – 1900m

Harvest: December – January

The Flavor Shouts Out: Tilahoun Gessesse

The Acidity Reminds Us Of: Alemehyu Eshete

And The Finish Is All About: Mulatu Astatke

c4fafed5d868b62a763cd7d35a5341cc - Stones Throw Launch New “Oh No” record and Coffee!

The more important news is the release of Oh No’s Ethiopium album.

Stones Throw:

Announced only a few weeks ago, Oh No follows up Dr. No’s Oxperiment by diving again into Egon’s record collection for a region-based intrumental beat album. This time he’s headed into the album inspired-by and sampled-from rare 60s and 70s Ethiopian funk, jazz, folk, soul and psychedelic rock.

Even if you’ve never heard an instrument tuned to the qenet scale before[1], even if you’re more into ballads than you are tezetas[2], Oh No’s transformative effect on his source material will blow you away in its otherworldy funkiness.


Concentrate/The Funk

Buy both here – Link

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