New Music – Hospital Ships

ohramona351 - New Music – Hospital Ships

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For those of you who know Koz and myself, you know that we are big fans of the band “Minus Story”. Their lead singer Jordan Geiger has a solo album coming out at the end of the month under the name “Hospital Ships”. I highly recommend that you check out the tunes at his myspace page and preorder the album from the Graveface Records website. (links at the bottom of the page)

From the Graveface Records website: Jordan Geiger, songwriter of Minus Story, trumpet player for Shearwater and resident of Lawrence, Kansas, brings you his bedroom-pop solo album, Oh, Ramona.

Influenced by the sounds of The Flaming Lips song from which the name Hospital Ships is drawn, Geiger’s debut exudes a seasoning of classic influences including John Lennon, The Zombies, and ELO to produce a bedroom pop symphony.

You can preorder the album here – Link

Check out a few tunes here – Link

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