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Go figure…………..another Woody Allen movie…………..and some more mediocrity.

Deck The Halls – 3/10 (Oh Matthew Broderick….what have you done with yourself? I knew that Danny Devito was a crummy actor, but to think that this is what has come of Mr. Broderick. A campy take on a neighbor rivalry (set during christmas time), this movie has stupidity at every turn. Devito’s family is so fake that it is laughable. Not worth the watch.)

Man Bites Dog – 6/10 (This Belgin movie was supposed to be “shocking” and maybe it was at the time it was made in 1992, as it was about a group of documentary film makers who follow a serial killer and eventually end up helping him in his “business”. It is a movie that is a satire of media violence, but to me never really wrapped me up in a “story”)

In Bruges – 6.5/10 (I really had low expectations of this movie because I can’t stand Colin Farrell, but found it to be pretty entertaining. A story of two hit men who are sent to Bruges after a “botched” job and have to await orders from their boss “Ralph Fiennes”. My problems with it lie in the directors assumption that his viewers are idiots. How many times did we need to be “shown” that Colin Farrell’s character was struggling with the “botched job”? I found myself yelling, “OK I GET IT ALREADY”.)

Russian Dolls – 8.5/10 (One of the few sequels (the follow up to The Spanish Apartment) that I have liked more than the original movie. This French movie did a great job of showing a late 20′s guy who is struggling with having real love after breaking up with the love of his life. This movie seemed a lot more personal and real than American movies of the same genre.  Lead actor Romain Duris is just an out and out likable guy.)

The Purple Rose of Cairo – 6/10 (Not one of Woody Allen’s best movies, this had a little too much cheese ball for me. It takes place in the 1930’s when an actor walks right off of the movie screen into a theater and falls in love with a woman whom he had seen watching the movie several times before. Chaos breaks out as more people in the movie start acting up and a love story unfolds as the actor who actually plays the on screen character shows up. I am not a big Mia Farrow fan, she seems to hollow to me but Jeff Daniels does a serviceable job.)

Running With Scissors – 5/10 (The movie adaptation of Augusten Burroughs memoir of the same name, it fails on all levels to capture the magic of the printed form. I felt like the movie seemed distracted with small sub stories instead of telling the main story of Augusten and his crazy life. They tried to distract us from the poor adaptation with the star studded cast, but ultimately you will want to just stick to the book.)

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