Movies: New Releases

Movies: New Releases 4/8/08

34428219 - Movies: New Releases 4/8/08

There Will Be Blood  (Cal’s Pick of the Week)

The Water Horse

Reservation Road

Sense and Sensibility (BBC TV)

Lions For Lambs

Matlock – The Complete First Season

The 11th Hour

Walk Hard

The Deadliest Catch – Season 3

The Cosby Show – Season 7 & 8

Day of The Dead

Hells Kitchen – Season 1

Resurrecting The Champ


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  • I have heard a mixed bag on it. I heard it is more in the vein of an Airplane type movie. Didn’t really look up my ally. Go buy Battlestar Season 1 instead!!!

  • Matt Besser from Upright Citizens Brigade is in Walk Hard and supposedly is pretty funny in the movie. As for John C. Reilly, I kind of get sick of him after a while.


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